Matracia’s “Slow” — Music Production

February 2019


“Slow” is the first single from Brooklyn-based queer songwriter Matracia on his debut six track album, Summer Cruel. Recorded in a bedroom in Bushwick Summer Cruel was mixed and produced in Philadelphia by Dan Foley who has produced for Shea Couleé. Matracia wrote the song as a love letter to queer sex between two lovers in the early stages of summer romance.

Sonically, he was inspired by artists like Chris Isaak and Beach House wanting to create a palette that felt sultry yet vulnerable. The electric guitar and drum machines butting up against Matracia’s ASMR-inducing vocals create a trippy and mesmerizing environment that the surrounds the listener with a gentle yearning and lust.

The lo-fi music video for “Slow,” directed by queer filmmaker, Tyler Jensen, was shot in the gay-summer-mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts over the span of three days in August 2018. It follows Matracia and P-town fixture, Benwa, as their budding entanglement teeters toward summer bliss.

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