Muscle Memory’s this/visitor — Lighting Design

February 2018

Interactive lighting designed and engineered by Dan Foley. Created custom Max patches to utilize DMX and program interactivity between drum set and lighting instruments while calling the show from TouchOSC hosted on iPad from within the audience and inside performance space(s).

The band Muscle Memory features At Play performing artist-in-residence Steven Reker, musician Matt Evans, and multidisciplinary artist, Dan Foley. For this / visitor, the trio will use an array of amplifiers as modular units as they add physical and spatial dimensions to their compositions, inspired by Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound. Having collected over a dozen amps from friends and collaborators, Reker and Evans will simultaneously create a dense sonic landscape while arranging, and rearranging, the amps in a number of sculptural formations.

Reker, Evans and Foley will explore the reciprocal nature between their musical compositions and the arrangement of the amps through a sequence of temporarily inhabitable moments. This process reveals how the physical organization of the equipment builds and affects sonic experiences. Ever-changing and producing multiple shifts in perception, this / visitor features acts of adaptability and endurance inspired by the physicality and instability of live performance.

Marking the culmination of Reker’s At Play residency at MAD, Saturday night’s showing of this / visitor will feature additional performances by multi-instrumetalist and vocalist Ka Baird and psychedelic sci-fi trio War Bubble.