Matracia’s “In My Head” Video — Music Producer + Creative Consultant

October 2020


On Friday, October 9, 2020, queer indie-pop musician Matracia will release a music video for “In My Head” – a song exploring sex and sobriety that is the second song and video off his debut EP, Summer Cruel, released in 2019. 

Directed by John Paul Ward, the video for “In My Head” was initiated pre-COVID, but it’s stark and Matrix-inspired visuals have taken on renewed resonance since the onset of the pandemic and social distancing in the States. A song about being single, queer, and pursuing sex while sober, the video features Matracia isolated within a black-and-white environment (not too dissimilar from that of Beyonce’s iconic “Single Ladies” music video), as thick animated ropes creep along and over Matracia’s body and face, slowly binding and eventually releasing him. 

“I’ve been sober now for over two years, but this song was written during the first month of that process,” says Dylan Matracia, singer-songwriter behind Matracia. “The ropes for me represent alcohol and sex as having entangled me in a negative, behavioral-feedback loop.”

Last seen opening for select dates of Rufus Wainwright’s recent tour, Matracia left his Brooklyn apartment in March 2020 to ride out the pandemic and work on new music and videos while back in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. “Something about being alone in my childhood bedroom has inspired me to get even more candid about personal issues many gay men struggle with but rarely talk about openly, like addiction, anxiety and their relationship to sexuality,” says Matracia.