Performance Fest Live Stream — Technical Director

September 2020

1-3-5 Minute Fest

Researched and developed streaming solutions for Vox Populi’s 1-3-5 Minute Fest:

Born during the early days of quarantine and just coming to the light on the inter-webs, Minute Fest is a digital performance festival open to all who want to participate in time experiments. Vox Populi devised three editions, in which each performance (both live and pre-recorded) will be no more and no less than one, three, or five minutes minutes long.


Due to restrictions on available CPUs, I designed a system that brought together two machines over the same network to accomplish the live streaming event. Computer-A hosted a Skype video call which made individual video streams available to the local network via NDI. Computer-B pulled in the discrete bundle audio/video feeds from the local network into Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). From there they were pushed to Twitch‘s servers and embedded on Vox Populi’s Website.

In addition to system design and execution I did some lite graphic design by taking the producer-host’s original handmade flyers and devising the overall look and feel of the streams by pulling apart her collages and hand-making my custom titling for each participant.


1-Minute Fest:


3-Minute Fest:


5-Minute Fest:


Behind the Scenes:

Early diagram:

Streaming Diagram