Rememberer at BAM Next Wave Festival 2016 — Sound Design

October 2016

Sound designer and engineer for performance directed by Steven Reker. “Rememberer” was workshopped in residency programs at Knockdown Center, Denniston Hill, and LUMBERYARD (formerly American Dance Institute in Maryland).

After attending the work in progress performance at Knockdown Center I was asked to come on as sound designer and engineer.

The performance was an imagining of Henry Miller’s A Smile at the Foot of the Ladder. Using the novella as score, four musicians (Matt Evans, Eliot Krimsky, and Ryan Seaton) created songs and soundscapes along with living sculptures using large styrofoam insulation planks that were wirelessly mic-ed with piezo elements that I controlled and processed during the performance using Ableton and Max.

We also performed excerpts of the piece at BAM’s exclusive members event at BAM Café.